Final Project


Final project Written analysis
James Ciaramella

There are various elements used in my design. These elements include rectilinear lines, geometric shapes with directional lines pointing in in different directions in almost a box like direction creating visual flow and a sense of depth. The colors I used were a basic Red, Green, Yellow. I used the complementary colors of each of those to mix with, in order to create a darker tone , therefore creating an even more sense of depth and direction. I pretty much utilized the entire picture plane, I used the top left of the picture plane to create some negative space with bright yellow in the background to give it some atmospheric mode. I had also implemented both convex and concave shapes, for example the long rectangle with the yellow circle in front has an indent all throughout the side going in. While underneath the round cylinder shape has a convex shape seeming as though it pops out. The composition is asymmetrical, there is a very weighted heavy side on the right and a very light weight side on the left where there is the negative space. There also is a strong sense of visual flow in direction with the obvious rectilinear lines moving directional towards the corner of the page creating a sense of movement coming forward, also which is complementary towards that is the colors when going from dark to light, it seems that this object is coming out of the dark and moving forward. The primary focal point of this image would be the yellow circle because it pops out and is very bright opposed to the whole right side of image. There is also rule of thirds implied to a certain degree, where the bottom of the page has the cylinder laying on its side and is lined up with the directional lines of the middle and top of the page. This image creates the illusion of space in different ways, one being its atmospheric perspective on the top left side of the page where the green lines are moving directional yet are still part of the image and behind that is the negative space creating atmosphere. Overall this image is a hybrid of both warm and cool color. Green being cool, red and yellow being warm. All colors were mixed using its complementary color in order to achieve a more harmonious darker of the same color.
The emotion I decided to convey in this image is energetic and movement, I feel this is depicted in this image because it senses a strong and fast directional movement where the viewer doesn’t entirely know if its going to turn or go straight. Energy is all about movement. Also the bright colors towards the left side of the page really pop out to me and feel like its warmth is almost creating a energetic feel. Its directional movement is very depictive of which way its moving (towards the left side of the page). Using concave and convex images also gave me the idea that this image not only had a sense of curvilinear motions but a strong sense of energy because as this image is moving, it is also moving in terms of the eye as it goes up and down trying to figure out what it is as they look up and down. The focal point I believe has also portrayed that feeling of warmth (bright yellow) but also it leads the movement on the page almost as if it is giving the object it is attached to the light to lead the way its going.
I believe there are both successful parts and unsuccessful parts of the design. Some successful parts are the directional lines, the contrast of colors, the use of complementary colors, the gradient value of each color, the use of convex and concave shapes, the use of negative space, rule of thirds. Parts that I feel were unsuccessful was the balance of the image was clearly one sided as the right side of the page was much heavier then the right. Also some of the colors on the bottom right where the cylinder is could use a little lighter color and have the whites pulled out more where the cylinder is popping out in order to create a better sense of depth to make it seem as though its popping out. I believe my attention to detail was pretty accurate as I tried to make sure the colors were blended properly and weren’t just thrown on from the bottle to the page, I also put in emphasis on making sure the page was full, making sure that the lines were crisp and angular (clean). I am very happy with this design as I put in a decent amount of hours and I had the intention of creating this image and when I mapped it out on paper it was exactly what I had planned in terms of its directional, proportions in terms of the shapes, the colors and the shading. I wanted it to be more on the geometrical side with movement and energy and I believe I had conveyed this to the audience.


Author: GiacomoAntonio

have a unique outlook on the fashion industry and believe quality and craftsmanship are essential to creating a sustainable brand. Among other styles I am inspired by vintage menswear from the early 1900's. I am also influenced by high end Italian design as comes naturally being that Lastly I have an interest in abstract lab design. Drawing on my creativity and learning the necessary skills I hope to render a collection that demonstrates a mindful lifestyle and a versatile approach to art and fashion.

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