Does the design include a primary focal point? Where is it located and how is the focal point emphasized? Refer to the rule of thirds .

focal point is the white space on the bottom right .
Has a Visual Flow been established that activates the entire picture plane? What elements are used to lead the eye around the entire composition?

the visual flow consists of the chaotic craziness of the lines in all directions.
Describe the line characteristics within each of your three lines?
Are all shapes & negative spaces activated within your composition? Are shapes created within the negative space by each of your lines?

lines are pretty edgy and sharp most of the shapes are created by single lines highlighting the negative space
What are the successful AND unsuccessful aspects of your design? Remember that we learn just as much from our failures than from our achievements!

succesfull is the point of chaos and the focal point.

unsuccesffull is the coffee stain
Has the final design been executed in a professional manner? Designs should utilize the designated materials with care, effort, and attention to detail. This includes proper mounting to Bristol Board.

i believe I mounted it properly and the design is very strong but again the coffee kind of ruined it


Author: GiacomoAntonio

have a unique outlook on the fashion industry and believe quality and craftsmanship are essential to creating a sustainable brand. Among other styles I am inspired by vintage menswear from the early 1900's. I am also influenced by high end Italian design as comes naturally being that Lastly I have an interest in abstract lab design. Drawing on my creativity and learning the necessary skills I hope to render a collection that demonstrates a mindful lifestyle and a versatile approach to art and fashion.

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