Photography and the Grid


I believe my design does take up the space of the page very accurately and spaced out the photos proportionally . All of the photos have a sense of unity, and the colors are harmonizing and compliment each other. I believe I was successful with the use of the grid where I used the xacto blade and measured carefully with the grid . My design very much so displays a visual flow and repetition where I had cut out the bottles and mix and matched them but still keeping the visual flow by making the bottles connect. The piece was also mounted properly using rubber cement on the Bristol . -James 


Author: GiacomoAntonio

have a unique outlook on the fashion industry and believe quality and craftsmanship are essential to creating a sustainable brand. Among other styles I am inspired by vintage menswear from the early 1900's. I am also influenced by high end Italian design as comes naturally being that Lastly I have an interest in abstract lab design. Drawing on my creativity and learning the necessary skills I hope to render a collection that demonstrates a mindful lifestyle and a versatile approach to art and fashion.

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